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LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

Trimatiz provides a series of LaserDiode (LD) drivers for various pulse widths. Customization is available for specific LDs as well as pulse widths and patterns.

LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

The main characteristics

・Easy to install butterfly-type LDs and easy to use LD driver,
・LD drive On/Off, APC/ACC mode, TEC controller On/Off switches on the driver circuit as well as a potentiometer to tune the optical power (APC mode),
・Monitor functions of the LD drive current and LD temperature,
・Remote control of the LD drive and the optical power (in ACC mode).

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  • Design and integration
  • Ordering information
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Technical Specifications

LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

Design and integration

LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

Ordering information

LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

Typical characteristics

LD driver (200ns & 50ns)

Catalog of this product

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