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Flex-Pulsar (3ns~1.5μs)

Trimatiz new LaserDiode(LD) driver board can deliver signals with pulse-width shorter than 5ns. The pulse-width can be adjusted by a signal generator installed on the board.
The stabilization of the laser is assured by controlling its temperature with the use of a Peltier cooling component.

Flex-Pulsar (3ns~1.5μs)

The main characteristics

・Integrated Signal Generator(SG)
・Variable pulse-width from 3 ns to 1.5 μs
・Variable driving current from 0.4 to 2.5 A
・Repetition frequency from 5 kHz to 3.3 MHz
・A built-in temperature control circuit(the temperature can be adjusted directly on the driver board).
・Graphic User Interface(GUI)to control the main characteristics via the USB port.
Microsoft Windows10 (64bit)
Microsoft Windows8.1 (64bit)
Microsoft Windows7 (64bit,32bit)
Microsoft WindowsXP (32bit)

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Technical Specifications

Flex-Pulsar (3ns~1.5μs)

Design and integration

Flex-Pulsar (3ns~1.5μs)

Ordering information

Flex-Pulsar (3ns~1.5μs)

Catalog of this product

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